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Gay Sex For The Holidays in Las Vegas

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Gay Sex for the Holidays? Its cold outside, but Gay Vegas has the answer.   A large indoor pool, a big Jacuzzi, a large sauna and a steam room are just some of the ways you can keep out the cold. 

Gay Vegas Sex In A Spa

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SEX IN A SPA Entourage, Las Vegas’ first and best gay spa and sauna, is the most popular meeting spot for gay sex in Las Vegas.  It’s the favorite gay meeting spot for all men, gay or just curious, and

Sexy Sunday Afternoon In Las Vegas

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SEXY SUNDAY AFTERNOON All summer long Entourage has been offering Wise Wednesday pricing on a Sunday afternoon, we like to think of it as our Sexy Sunday Afternoon.  It was in response to huge demand from the our loyal  customers

How About some Shots Gay Las Vegas

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With everything that has been in the news lately about disease and vaccinations, I thought, how about some shots, gay Las Vegas? I figured I would do a blog on Hepatitis and Gay Men.  Men who have sex with men are

It Just Take One Gay Las Vegas

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Gay Las Vegas, It Just Takes One Ever decide to check out a place you have read about online just to find it rather empty when you got there?  I always see posts from guys saying that they went to

Gay New Years Eve 2014

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Gay New Years Eve at Entourage Vegas Gay Bathhouse In Las Vegas Gay New Years Eve at Entourage Gay Las Vegas Bathhouse is where the real party will be all night and morning long.  Gay Las Vegas If you are

Anal Play in Gay Las Vegas

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Ingredients to Anal Play: The beginning I have been getting quite a few questions lately regarding Anal play. So, I thought I would address those here in the next several blogs. To begin with, Anal Play includes touching, massaging, kissing, toys and

Slightly Kinky or Just Down Right Perverted

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I always see this in profiles and when chatting online with guys.  They say they are into some kink and want to know what others are into.  I think that kink is subjective.  Some things could be very kinky to

Gay Las Vegas Oldest Bar Snicks Place

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Gay Las Vegas is never be disappointed at Snick’s Place. Its Las Vegas’ Oldest Gay Bar and uniquely situated in Downtown Las Vegas.   It is the archetypal small town bar with intimate surroundings and a large and very varied customer

Gay Las Vegas Single, Open or on the Down Low

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Gay Las Vegas Are you Single, Open or on the Down Low? Do these questions even matter when you are in a Entourage Vegas gay spa and hooking up with someone or only after you have done the deed? How